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Why are termites dangerous and how can you remove them? 

Termite controlWhen you find that the items made of wood, like doors, furniture, windows, old books, and antique items, are damaged pretty regularly, you have to be sure about the attack from termites. Termites are one special type of creatures that belongs to the phylum of arthropods. They are nothing but white coloured ants corresponding to their looks. These insects are advantageous for farmers because they help to fertilize the soil by adding nitrogen. But, they are hazardous for the furniture made from wood. The most interesting fact is that they cannot be easily detected because they hide in the wood pretty easily. They are always found in a group. If your furniture is attacked by such group, then these items can be totally destroyed within few days. Therefore, if you want to prevent this damage then you have to take some essential steps. You have to inspect these things carefully and use some methods for controlling them.

How can you recognize termites?

Termites are such dangerous creatures that they destroy your expensive furniture within few days. You cannot protect these things without killing them. These creatures inhabit the areas of a house, like doors, furniture, carpets, old books etc. They also destroy the ceilings, floors or even cabinets. Besides these, they also destroy trees. They like to stay at the surface that is wet. So, rainy season is the appropriate time for their growth. Before killing them, you have to recognize their species firstly. Without recognizing them, you can never take the essential steps.

There is the list of some common species of termites and their problems mentioned below:

  • Subterranean – This kind of termites are found into the soil which is generally damp or even loose. They are mostly found in Africa. They make the galleries or empty tunnels into the wood and they runs towards the deepest parts of wood. They make these tunnels by using saliva or even feces. You can find these tunnels on the walls, ceilings and the places which are slightly damaged by water.
  • Drywood – From the name, it is clear that they grow on dry surfaces. They generally attack by entering into the wood. Sometimes they are found in the materials made of cellulose and are hard to detect. This is why you should take assistance from the experts.

Some techniques for removing termites

Termite control is not an easy task. It is even more difficult to detect, than as hard to kill. There are some useful techniques by which you can stop these dangerous insects:

  • Sunlight is the best natural means that kill these insects. If the sunlight falls on them, they are killed.
  • You can use nematodes. These nematodes are the special types of creatures that eat the larvae of termites and reduce their generation. You can find them in the garden.
  • Mulch of the wood is the main targeted area for these termites. Try to remove this mulch.
  • The stumps of tree also attract the termites. This is why you should destroy stumps.
  • You can use insecticides for this purpose.

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