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Security Personified!

Car Parking SystemsAre you fed up with the current manner of parking in your home or business area or do you feel that the intercom systems installed in your office are not serving their purpose and needs an improvement? Do you also feel that your business place is not secure enough and want to make it more secure with the access systems, gates and video surveillance? Security is the very first thing which your business associates and clients look for while dealing with you. So, All Tech Systems Consultants is the team you should surely contact. They are the group of experts who provide technical solutions without you having to worry about any mishap in the project.

John Maher is the owner, and someone who has an extensive experience of over 25 years with Amana Car Parking System. Using all his experience, he assures that every time you get quality service and does his best for the customers. Installation services are offered anywhere and everywhere, be it a city or suburban area.

Services that you can expect

Below is the list of services that you can avail at All Tech Systems.

  • Car Parking Systems: A system driven with hydraulic pumps or powered with electric motors places the vehicle at the designated parking spot.
  • Intercoms: An added safety benefit and a way to know who comes in and who goes out without you physically moving away from your workplace.
  • Access Systems: Allowing access to authorized personnel or members only in your office or home. This keeps your family and business safe.
  • Boom Gates: To make your workplace more secure, boom gates are used and are the best bet. It keeps the people out while you are working in.
  • Sliding Gates: An inventive way of adding more security and look to your business or home.
  • Swing Gates.
  • Automation and remote control of gates.
  • Solar Powered Systems: An eco-friendly and a money saving approach in the long run.
  • Video surveillance.
  • FOB entry.
  • Lane Control Access: A highly compelling and a great asset for safety and precaution. It offers vehicle detection service which can sense the presence of heavy vehicles and large metal objects.

Why to choose All Tech?

Complete availability and reliability is something which is required in security services of any kind. You get to deal with best in industry standards and professionals who are pro-active and are ready to provide you advice on your requirements and also assist you in the most efficient and cost effective way. No matter how big or complicated your project is, you are assured of getting your finished project and that too on time.

So what are you waiting for? If you are still searching and are not sure of what services you actually require for your home or office, get in touch with experts for a free consultation on the number 0425 877 461 or write your query on email info@alltechsystemconsultants.com.au. You can also view the website and fill in a simple form to get a quote.

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