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Get help in cleaning your deck

deckHaving trouble cleaning your deck? Are you annoyed by the way your deck has started to wear out? Do you want help to fix your deck? Well! Ben’s Backyard is here to solve all deck related problems that you are facing. Ben’s Backyard can fix any kind of problem you are facing with your deck, be it discoloration, loss of shine or even signs of wear and tear. That is right! They provide all kinds of deck cleaning services as well.

The cleaning method differs depending on what condition your deck is in. The usual methodology followed by Ben’s Backyard to clean the deck is as follows:

  • Normally, the cleaning process starts by using high-pressure washing to remove all the grime and filth which is build up on the surface.
  • Then a tough deck cleaning agent is used which helps in removing the oils and grease which might have soaked in the deck. But if the timber looks like it is in real bad situation, then deck sanding should be used. And if the deck is new(it is not older than 6 months), then using of tannins stripper is sufficient to pull out oils from the timber.
  • High pressure is applied to the surface at a moderate strength, in order to clean the surface once again to get rid of the cleaning agent used. Thus, all the dirt that has been stuck to the cleaning agent is removed along with the cleaning agent.The cleaners make sure as to not apply too much pressure on the deck as it might lead to damaging the deck.
  • In order to keep the surrounding area of the deck away from the cleaning agent, the whole area is taped up. All areas around the perimeter of where work is being done are covered.
  • The surface is allowed to dry before the application of the first layer of thedecking oil.
  • Based on the form of the deck surface, the decking oil is applied again to complete the cleaning process. The decking oil applied again is between 2 – 4 coats of decking oil.
  • Before removal of the tape, you are allowed to visit your property for inspection purpose. If you are completely satisfied with the job, then the tape is removed.

The decking oils used by Ben’s Backyard are the finest, having 5-star finish in the application of first coat itself. All of these decking oils are water based, which enables quicker delivery of results because of its reduced drying time.

Ben’s Backyard group will also assist you with any type of deck maintenance, painting, high-pressure cleaning and various other projects in Melbourne. Getting you deck serviced will get the wow factor back, no matter what you are getting it serviced for. It may be because you are entertaining a few guests, thinking of selling your home or just to protect your investment.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Ben’s Backyard today to get your deck look as new as ever.

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